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Be The Sultan Of Your Bathroom

Çanakkale Seramik hadn't done any major marketing or advertising for several years and wanted to find a way to get back into the minds of consumers. To do this, they asked for our help in promoting the Sarayli Collection, a new tile line that fits into the current Ottoman Style design trend.

While researching the market and the audience, we discovered that the Sarayli Collection made women feel like they were sultans in their own bathrooms. This key piece of insight became the corner stone for our entire campaign.  
Our goal was to reach middle to upper class women (25-50 years old) who live in bigger cities and who might have thoughts about redesigning their home or bathrooms. To reach this target, we created a mass media campaign that focused the ideas of beauty, elegance, and royalty all in the space of your bathroom.

The campaign had an amazing response.  When tested, the TV spot for the Sarayli Collection received a very high persuasion score, which makes consumers consider the brand. In fact, the consumers said they would likely choose Çanakkale Seramik over other brands of tile because of the commercial. The commercial also helped raise awareness of the brand due to memorable visuals, music, and messaging that gave consumers good feelings about Çanakkale Seramik. According to a recent Millward Brown report, the TV spot was one of the most successful ads in Turkey. In fact, the report placed the ad in the top 6% of successful ads in the country. The report said about 1/3 of consumers who saw the ad claimed they would visit a store to see the Sarayli Collection after seeing the ad. The overall result was increased sales and a significantly profitable return on investment.