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Many Colors. One City.

In 2005, the 22nd congress of the International Union of Architects was set to take place in Istanbul, and our role was to develop its international launching campaign that would not only raise awareness of the event, but also highlight Istanbul as the unique world city that it is.

Modiki created a social campaign entitled: “COLORISTANBUL. Many colors, one city.” This capitalized on the cultural diversity of Istanbul. Dramatic photography, the work of word-class artist Ara Güler, reflected the many aspects of the city, revealing a different side of Istanbul. The campaign came to life in specially-designed spaces and stands in the congress area as well as through a fully-integrated campaign.

The “COLORISTANBUL. Many colors, one city.” campaign was one of the most talked about advertisements at that time. At the event itself, the campaign created a colorful and festive ambiance all around the city. But more than that, the campaign was so bold that it has kept UIA 2005 in the minds of all the world architects who attended. It is a concept that has been copied by many other subsequent campaigns and has made an important contribution to the image of Istanbul.