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Big life. Big dreams.

The Kale brand name has a great reputation. Its paint, bathroom and kitchen products are regarded as some of the best available. But as a brand, it was lacking with no clear point of view. And with good reason. For a company with so many product lines, finding a common message that unites them all is a real challenge.

We asked ourselves, what is Kale’s story? We knew it had to be there somewhere. And it was.  After hours of exhaustive research, we discovered that what the company really did so well was inspiring, giving life to imagination and making dreams come true. “Big Life, Big Dreams” became the unifying premise that served as Kale’s umbrella campaign.  Individual campaigns for specific product lines were connected conceptually to the corporate Kale brand.

Kale has achieved unparalleled success. It was recently named the most favorite brand in it’s sector in Turkey.